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The Complete List of Cash Flow Software Alternatives

This might come as a surprise but we aren't the only company building cash flow scenario planning software. Here's a list of all of our competitors and some honest feedback on what they do amazingly well.

Excel is Still King

Let's be honest - Microsoft Excel, and to a large degree Google Sheets, really are amazing. The DNA of these spreadsheet tools is so rich in flexibility and functionality that any software competitor, including whatifi, is going to have a tough time dethroning them.

Still, not everyone wields Excel like a modern day Obi-wan Kenobi. There are plenty of examples of broken formulas that go undiscovered for weeks or months. A blank tab on a spreadsheet can be daunting. Easily managing multiple scenarios concurrently or adjusting for ever shifting dates can be more complex than the blueprints to the Death Star.

We're so confident that our unique, visual approach can complement your traditional Excel workflow that we're happy to share our research. If you are looking to add another tool to your toolbelt, than here are the list of other software companies building competing solutions in this space.


We all know what Excel is great at - but let's rifle through some of the common frustrations. We will use these to compare against the value propositions that different cash flow tools trumpet.

  1. No Error Control
  2. Little Reusability
  3. Issues with Scalability
  4. Lack of Automation
  5. Limited Real-Time Integrations
  6. Collaboration Issues
  7. Time-Consuming Scenario Builds
  8. Challenging to Create Repeatable Processes
  9. Data Integrity; Ensuring the Latest is the Greatest

As always, people find a way, but these are some of the common challenges that analysts and CFOs have commented on.

Where's the Rest?

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