Why whatifi?

Fortune favors the well-prepared Startup founder.

Startups are passion x uncertainty x unknowns x maybes x possibility x opportunity. And everyone is looking to you to make a decision.

Plan Your Runway

To bootstrap or to VC... Understand fundraising options and how long you have to find that elusive product/market fit before the cash runs out.

FU Excel

You have a love/hate relationship with Excel. Embrace your hate. Build financial projections, VISUALLY, that your team (and investors) can actually understand.

Know Your Numbers

A good model tells a story. The story of how your business is going to succeed and the numbers that you'll need to achieve to do that.

Make Confident Decisions

The only thing worse than a bad decision is no decision. Look at all of the possible outcomes and make smart, timely, data-driven decisions. Today. Not next week.

Why whatifi?

We make it easy to track all users analytics

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Simple & Easy Setup

Templates. We have them. We're adding more. Use one of our existing models as a base or create your own scenario model from scratch.

Team Collaboration

Ever tried to share a spreadsheet?
Our cloud-based models are easy to understand and easy to share with your team, partners or investors.

Premium Support

Yes. There is a learning curve.
We're here to help get you and your team over that hump. Or ask about our "we'll build it for you" options.


No one wants to maintain two sets of data.
We're integrating with the big guys (Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, Shotgrid, Excel, Google Sheets, Salesforce and even OpenAI)

wtf is a whatifi?

Show. Don't tell.

Take a look at our Case Studies and Example whatifi Scenarios.
View the video - or - if you are feeling brave, launch the actual scenario (desktop only) and explore each of these use cases.

Example Scenario

Startup Runway and Fundraising

Watch Video
Launch Scenario

$150K or $250K or 100% bootstrapped?

All startups wrestle with this question.

The challenge is to how grow customers and revenue to a break-even point before the money runs out.

How it works

Connect the dots. Create your "what ifs". Take over the world.

Startups live in the unknown. Change is constant. Your projections need to be dynamic and interactive, providing you with the info you need to make lean, mean, nimble decisions.

Connect to Your External Data

Link your whatifi account to any of the standard Accounting packages, connect to Customer lists or import product details from Excel. We're adding more integrations so you can spend your time building plans instead of chasing numbers.

Map Out Multiple Outcomes

We've pre-built dozens of calculation Events. Select a template or use our flowchart-like Scenario Canvas to quickly map out your "what if" scenarios. Any upstream changes instantly flow through the affected Threads, updating calculations, KPIs and forecasts.

Calculate, Compare and Share the Results

Our simulations are infinitely scaleable. No flipping between tabs or toggling numbers back-and-forth. Instead, you can see all of the outcomes concurrently, calculate ANY metric, KPI or account, and instantly share Scenarios with advisors, co-founders, or investors.