build limitless financial scenarios. visually.

whatifi is a highly visual, formula and spreadsheet-free, financial scenario builder and presentation platform for business advisors and consultants.

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Perfect timing! October is Financial Planning Month and we are launching our next major release at the end of the month! More events. More modules. More templates. And our NEW advisor dashboard!

whatifi evolves how you connect with your clients.

Unlike current approaches, our mind mapping-like data visualization is powered by deep 3rd party API integrations. We dynamically update scenarios over time, and bridge the communication gap between consultants and their multiple stakeholders.

Model scenarios visually. No formulas.
No spreadsheets.

Communicate with clients in a language they understand.

Present multiple concurrent scenarios in real-time.

Questions we are answering for your clients

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The Scenario Canvas

This is where you build your scenario decision trees. Connect together pre-built “nodes” to model countless concurrent scenarios, calculations, and projections.

Or use our templates to pre-populate the Scenario Canvas.

Create Multiple Scenarios Visually
Create Scenarios from Pre-Built Templates

The Decision Engine

The volume of options can be overwhelming for most clients. Use our Decision Engine to sort all of their Scenario Threads based on cash flow, net worth, sentiment feedback, or any other data type. 

Track, favorite, and follow the most popular, or most profitable, series of options.

Sort and Present All Options at Once
Project and Calculate Multiple Concurrent Scenarios

Goals, Analytics and Actions

Each Scenario Thread generates a unique outcome. Use whatifi’s API integrations to dynamically update each scenario daily.

Things change. Our analytics tools keep you informed as your client progresses towards their long-term goals.

Create & Track Multiple Long-Term Goals
Follow Threads & Generate Notifications and Client Nudges

where whatifi adds value

Acquisition, Onboarding, Calculation, Presentation, and Ongoing Analytics.

The common client journey has five stages. At whatifi, we provide an integrated platform for advisors to automate and improve all five of these phases.

Differentiate from your competition

Provide a unique, client-first experience that highlights and showcases your skills, expertise, and advisory strengths.

Dynamic onboarding with integrations

Things change fast. Leverage our API integrations to collect and update your client's data daily with minimal manual entry.

Multiple concurrent financial projections

Calculate and compare, in real-time, all of the options. No formulas to change. No cells to overwrite.

Talk to your stakeholders in a language they understand

Most people don't speak spreadsheet. Collaborate, share, and present scenarios in our intuitive decision tree-like format.

Track ongoing progress and key metrics

With our dynamically generated scenarios, key stakeholders can actively monitor actions, progress, and setbacks.

making bigger business decisions. better.

The whatifi visual approach to financial projections is unique. Here is how we are helping SMBs, advisors, and consultants answer their clients' biggest whatifis.

Our Integrations Our Integrations

Our Integrations

Our scenarios are dynamic and leverage a host of partner integrations. We are constantly adding new data sources that keep your scenarios live and up-to-date.

what you get with


Our cloud-based, SaaS solution is engineered to be niche agnostic, whether it is a small business owner sourcing product lines, a restauranteur strategizing a second location, or a multi-national organization modelling projections for a new overseas office.

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make bigger business decisions. better.