Low Code Financial Simulation Software for
SaaS Founders

(that hate spreadsheets)
Automate , compare and share multiple "what if" staffing, revenue, pricing and funding scenarios - in seconds - without formulas or spreadsheets.

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Built for CFOs. Wired for Startups.

Follow the money.
Build and share multiple "what if" cash flow, revenue, pricing and funding scenarios - in seconds.

Planning to scale your business? Here are 90+ services and tools to automate your financial workflows.

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Founder Funding 101™ - Startup Funding, Timing and Runway Guide

Our Bootstrap and Venture Path guide to funding rounds, common raise amounts, timelines and resources.

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How whatifi works

Simple, yet powerful features

Imagine if Zapier and Excel had a baby, raised it in a Decision Tree, and nicknamed it Canva.

The Baseline

Link everything that is real and current in your business. Employees. Pricing. Customer cohorts. Import directly from, Excel, Quickbooks or Xero to track historicals to build your baseline profile.

Select a Pre-Built Template

Instead of starting with a blank page, select from our growing list of pre-built what if templates. Funding. Pricing. Customer Growth or outbound sales scenarios.
We've built the logic flowchart - you fill in the blanks.

Boom. Magic.

This is where we pants your CFO and their spreadsheet. Instantly ask and answer multiple "what if" style questions and immediately get answers - along with the KPIs and metrics to show your investors.
No more - "let me get back to you, Bill".

Why whatifi?

Visual, yet powerful features

Everything about our approach to building financial projections is unique. Hang on... Prepare to have your mind blown.

Save Time - Ridiculously Fast Setup

Not yet a Level 17 Excel Ninja...? No problem. No formulas. No spreadsheets.

Quickly connect one of our 20+ pre-built business logic "Events" to visually model multiple "what if" scenarios.

Build scenarios in seconds - not hours.

"Spreadsheets are great, but I love the visual part of whatifi. It is so much easier to create and present a scenario that my team can actually understand."

Shellie M.
SaaS Founder / Former CFO - Vancouver, Canada

Compare Pricing and Runway in Real-Time

"Great question.... let me get back to you..," you said...

Or, use whatifi. Help your team and potential investors compare countless "what if" forecasts, interactively. In real-time.

Never say "let me get back to you" again.

"We're a SaaS startup. Everything is an unknown. EVERYTHING! Runway. CAC. Pricing. Staffing. Now we can map out our options and see where the different paths take us. Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure book!"

Hussein G.
Startup Incubator Program Manager - Austin, USA

Ever had to chase a formula? Not with whatifi.

Truly understand how every single variable and possible decision contributes to the success of your startup.

We're more like a database than a spreadsheet. See exactly where and how a key decision impacts the health and profitability of their business.

Know Your Numbers

"We now offer forecasting as an e-commerce add-on service. We quickly build and then share models with our 30+ clients. One-time setup. They can play with the numbers. We bill monthly. Boom."

Bill M.
Fractional CFO - Sydney, Australia
Pricing Just For Early Stage Startups

Our platform was designed for CFOs. For a limited time, get Startup access to our full suite of calculations and financial models for a reduced price.

• Customer, Growth, Churn, Pricing, CAC and Revenue
• Costs of Goods Sold, SG&A, Income, Expenses and Profit
• Staffing and Contractor planning
• Runway and Cash Flow projections
• SaaS KPIs and Metrics
• Quickbooks and Xero integration

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/ Month

Modules are customized add-ons to your account designed to calculate and solve advanced "what if" scenarios. These range from individual integrations with other applications to powerful financial calculations such as our Capacity and Staffing Module. Pricing varies depending on complexity and number of users.

What’s included:
Ability to calculate advanced scenarios
Only available on Paid Accounts
API Integrations
Advanced scenario sharing & reporting
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Articles & News

Our articles on Analytics, Visualization, and the future of Finance

We've got some passionate feelings on the subject of decision-making, scenario planning and how best to visualize those options.

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Case Studies
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Planning to scale your business? Here are 90+ services and tools to automate your financial workflows.

Download our guide to 90+ digital software solutions and frameworks to help automate your business and set your finances up for scale.

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No formulas. No spreadsheets.