We've done the hard work. You just click, drag and connect.

We are constantly adding to our library of pre-built scenarios to save you time and energy. Or customize, save, and share your own to use with your colleagues and clients.

Whenever there is more than one option to consider, we use a Decision Node. A decision can have multiple branches of nodes.

Each unique path through the node network is called a Scenario Thread. A Scenario can have hundreds of threads. Our Decision Engine algorithm marches through each individual Scenario Thread and calculates everything from cash flow to net worth to active customers to sentiment data. Use the Decision Engine to sort and filter Threads based on profitability, ranks, sentiment or other metrics.

The Baseline is the business’ profile. These nodes capture everything that is real and current; bank account balances, assets, debts, leases, inventory. API integrations ensure that the client’s profile is as accurate as possible. Changes to the Baseline impact all Scenarios.


Our Available Basic and PRO Modules