Example Scenarios

whatifi lose my biggest customer?

Brett runs ConstructCo - a consulting firm that specializes in the new home construction space. The projects are big, sometimes tied up in regulatory red tape, and don’t always get off the ground.

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Example Scenario

whatifi lose my biggest customer and can't make payroll?

As his firm has grown, their customer profile has migrated from lots of mid-sized clients to a smaller group with much bigger contract values. This means he has been able to keep his organization lean; juggling less projects and needing less support staff.

At the same time, with the market and economy rapidly changing, Brett is concerned that some of those bigger projects could fall through.

Brett wants to explore what happens if he loses his biggest client. Should he get ahead of the curve, hire a sales rep, and explore adding more smaller clients to his list to reduce the risk? Will he need to add more staff? What if the whole industry retracts by 10 or 15% overall?

In this more advanced example scenario, we will showcase the Contract Event, Outbound Sales, Modifiers and Employee Events.

An image showing how whatifi visually connects together Events to model financial scenarios.