Goals, Analytics and Actions

Building projections is great, but what are the business goals? Revenue? Customers? Locations? Use whatifi to set multiple future goals on any type of account or metric and chart each Scenario Thread against those goals.

Scenarios change daily. An advisor, a client, or any stakeholder can “watch” any given Scenarios or Scenario Threads. If a Scenario begins tracks away from a goal, receive a notification for followup.

whatifi is designed for collaboration, transparency and insight. Much like a Google Drive document, share any Scenario with a client, partners, or other stakeholders. Edit, update and interact together.

Integrate a whatifi with external data feeds and monitor daily actuals vs target goals. Are active customer counts trending in the right direction? Will seasonal shifts in capacity affect long-term cash flow? Know now. Not six months from now.

Share comments and questions on Events, Threads and entire Scenarios. Depending on what you have chosen to follow, you will receive notifications of individual comments.

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